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The world has become a smaller place and connectivity has gained an even higher importance today. And with the increased pressure for performance and productivity, internal connectivity has become the heart of communications and coordination.

NexTek, with its deep and diverse expertise in a variety of areas of network infrastructure set up, management and optimization, undertakes the responsibility of facilitating their customers in making the right decisions to face the challenges of the modern communications oriented market – place.

To serve our customers, we offer solutions for:

  Planning and sizing up LAN and WAN [Wired and Wireless] for optimum performance  
  Planning of Data Centre connectivity [L2, L3, Soft switches]  
  Wireless planning [Access point feature, Hot spot planning]  
  Remote Access Management  
  Availability and Continuity  
  WAN Optimization  
  Network Management [LAN analysis, Performance, Security]  
  Defining network roadmaps  


Seamless Network Solutions include implementation and management of integrated LAN and WAN networks connecting an organization’s multiple locations.

The key challenge for any administrator in such an organization with multiple locations and varied network components and platforms is to efficiently manage them. We understand this dilemma of our customers and so bring to them a comprehensive offering that allows them to leverage the benefits of their existing investments by integrating them to translate to higher productivity and efficiencies.


Wireless Solutions involve complementing the performance of existing wired networks by enhancing their reach.

Apart from the convenience offered through anytime and anywhere access our Wireless Solutions our customers also benefit through the rapid roll – out approach translating into saving of value time otherwise required for implementation and configuration of these networks. 

Our Wireless Solutions approach towards building and deploying wireless networks encompasses:

  Understanding the needs [business, technical and security] of the organization and developing a secure architecture    
  Conducting a radio feasibility study on - site to arrive at the position and quantity of the access points    
  Actual implementation of the planned infrastructure, including fixing the access points in the network and testing the signal levels for optimal performance    


To address the excessively demanding needs of an organization to cope with changing business environment, it has become extremely important for organizations to streamline their communications to ensure responsiveness and efficiency in their performance levels. And with the ever evolving telecommunications media like VoIP, the key challenge faced by organizations today is to trade – off between benefits offered by various modes of communications and the efforts required in maintaining them.

So to help our customers fight this predicament, we offer Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions that not only integrate the existing communication media but go one step ahead by allowing integration of collaboration enabling tools like video conferencing and white board applications.