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As the colossal repositories of information that sustain enterprises are swelling, storage devices are at the focal point of today’s network designs. High - speed access and high availability of stored data are now critical for both internal business operations and external e - commerce applications.

We understand the data explosion, both online and offline, as well as the resulting opportunities and challenges that will impact our clients’ businesses. Gigabit networks, terabyte disk capacities, virtualization and clustering technologies, coupled with advances in data management and transport software, interoperability with other products in the market and conformance to various evolving standards have ushered a new era of highly complex and difficult to maintain systems.

We have evolved in - depth experience in meeting the challenges and demands of various data storage devices and systems. To facilitate our customers’ storage needs we offer:

  Storage capacity planning  
  LUN and storage group designing  
  NAS deployment and SAN Switch zoning  
  Storage consolidation  
  Disaster recovery  
  Optimization for availability and continuity